Chiropractic Therapies

To support your health and overall wellbeing, we have a range of therapies we utilize in our Westlake Village practice that can be tailored to suit your individual needs

These include:

Myofascial Release Technique

This deep tissue massage is utilized to release muscle tension, remove scar tissue, alleviate inflammation and reduce recovery time following an injury or intense physical exertion. This is a particularly successful therapy for elite athletes to restore function as quickly as possible.


Physiotherapy is used with chiropractic manipulation to generate stellar results. This therapy can include manual traction, stretching, interferential muscle stimulation, ultrasound and mechanical traction.

Therapeutic Exercise

At our Westlake Village Chiropractic practice, we can design an exercise routine to improve the strength, stability and flexibility in your spine. Some of these are performed in office, whilst others may need to be performed at home. This is a great way to increase the effectiveness of our corrections, maintain the health of your spine and protect your body from injury.

Pelvic Blocking

This therapy is typically used to treat lower back pain, hip pain and sciatica. Pelvic blocking utilizes the weight of your own body to gently stretch your muscles and tendons into proper alignment.

Therapeutic Stretches

Proper stretching techniques can help keep tissues flexible, promote healing, increase mobility and protect your body from new injuries. Our chiropractic professionals can teach you proper stretching techniques and coach you so you are confident to maintain your stretching program at home.


Traction devices can be used to reduce disc compression and nerve root pressure by separating the vertebrae in your spine.

Soft Tissue Therapies

Our professional chiropractors utilize a variety of therapies to improve the function of your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joint capsules. These can include active release technique and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.

As you can see, at Thousand Oaks Spine and Injury Center our health care professionals can design a treatment plan from our vast range of therapies to dramatically improve your health and quality of life.


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