Peripheral Neuropathy

Non-medication therapy for neuropathy and persistent nerve discomfort is now available.

Peripheral neuropathy is an ailment which is caused by many different problems in the body, and results in nerves being damaged and causing weakness, burning pain, numbness, tingling, and profound balance problems.

This illness is marked by a lack of sensation in the extremities, particularly in cold limbs. Every patient’s condition is unique, and the reason must be determined in order to help the nerves mend.

The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy

The most common symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in affected areas include:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Balance Problems
  • Numbness/Tingling
  • Burning Pain
  • Loss of sensation
  • Unusual sensations
  • Deep Stabbing Pain

What causes peripheral neuropathy?

The list of reasons for which this condition can occur include poor blood flow to the nerves, toxic levels of blood sugar, pesticide exposure, persistent infections, and genetic variations.

Another common cause of nerve damage is auto-immune disease. Auto-immune diseases are illnesses in which the immune system mistakenly attacks one’s own body. In many instances, the immune system is actually targeting the nerves of those suffering from peripheral neuropathy. For this reason, thorough testing is vitally important in treating the condition.

Can peripheral nerves heal?

Fortunately, peripheral nerves can and do heal over time. The goal is to not only cure the nerves but also to establish and prevent the reason why they become damaged in the first place. When the underlying source of neuropathy is diagnosed and appropriate nerve care is given, the capacity for nerves to heal improves!

There are four components that must be assessed in order to cure nerve injury, and they are are as follows:


  • What is the underlying cause of the nerve damage?
  • How severe is the damage?
  • What types of nerve fibers are damaged?
  • How much treatment will the nerves require?

Touch, pressure and movement are all involved. Small fiber nerves (both sensory and motor) and muscular nerves (that control muscle movement) are all concerned. Neuropathy has a devastating effect on the body, causing muscular decay and weakening for longer than two years. The damage to the muscles is almost certain to be irreversible!

Our treatment has four main goals:

  1. Optimize the body for nerve recovery.
  2. Promote increased blood flow to the nerves.
  3. Stimulate the nerves that have been damaged to improve balance and alleviate pain.
  4. Decrease brain-based pain.

Our exclusive treatment system increases blood flow to nerves in the extremities, which helps to rejuvenate nerves naturally and has returned many of our patient’s feet and hands to normal.

Our comprehensive treatment procedure comprises eight different cutting-edge technologies, and it is unlike any other treatment you have encountered.

A safe and effective choice

We offer an innovative and non-invasive treatment plan that combines the finest cutting-edge medical procedures to help cure your neuropathy suffering. We want to make sure you have the confidence you require; therefore we’ve developed a comprehensive assessment procedure to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for our program.

This extensive evaluation will give you ALL the information that you need to know before starting treatment so you can be assured if you will have success with your neuropathy pain program.


Vital Component 1 – In-Clinic Visits & Online Education

You will visit our office once a week for our in-clinic protocol in conjunction with your home infrared electromagnetic and electrostimulation treatments. Patient results are dependent on each essential component equally.

Vital Component 2 – Electrostimulation and nerve re-education

Nerve Re-education works by using digital, electrical therapeutic stimulation to assist in the development of nerves. This is used by Cancer Centers of America to aid people undergoing chemotherapy in rebuilding their nerves. Nerve re-education may be done at home, allowing for treatment on a daily basis! In both pain alleviation and sensation recovery, the results can be immediate.

Vital Component 3 – Advanced Nutrition Therapy

Proper nutrition is important for healthy tissue and nerve healing in addition to the other vital components. Our Advanced Nutritional Therapies, which include nutritional therapy, have been created to speed up the healing process by stimulating complicated processes of inflammation, blood flow, and available nitric oxide.

Vital Component 4 – Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy

We also use Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) for nerve healing. It activates Vaso Endothelial Growth (VEGF), which promotes angiogenesis and proliferation. Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels, which is required to heal nerve damage. The nerves in this area are nourished and healed by the growth of new blood vessels that surround them. This treatment has 21 peer-reviewed publications in support of it, and a 97% success rate in treating peripheral neuropathy.

Nerve cells need two things to heal…

Nerves require fuel and activation to heal and regenerate. This makes the combination of high-powered lower level light therapy & nutrition (the fuel) and Nerve Re-education (the activation) the perfect 1-2 punch!

The amount of therapy necessary to heal the nerves varies from person to person, and there is no way to know until after a comprehensive neurological and vascular evaluation.


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